Before & After / Kitchen

When we bought our house I knew the biggest transformation would be the kitchen. I was super excited about designing it and seeing it actually come to life! 

We ended up having to take everything down to the beams and subfloor because of water damage. But that's life when you're trying to tackle a fixer upper. The kitchen was for sure the longest lasting project! The laundry room took the place of a fridge. So the previous owners used a mini fridge. We quickly decided that wouldn't work so we ended up moving the laundry room upstairs where the linen closet was.

Linen closet < normal size fridge ;) 

before kitchen collage .jpg

The bottom right picture was a wall separating the den from the kitchen. It made everything seem a lot smaller so we knocked down that wall. It really helped open up the downstairs and made it seem so much bigger. Crazy how one wall can make all the difference. 

When knocking down the wall we found out that all the upstairs plumbing was running through that wall. So we had 2 options: 

1. Put a wall back up to hide all things plumbing

2. Hide everything with 2 wood beams

We chose the beams & now I'm kind of thankful we ran into that problem! I LOVE the beams. It was a great problem to have. 

The picture with the wood shelves & the fridge is where the old laundry room was. We knocked down those walls and made the kitchen all one room. We also took the door off of the pantry to make it appear like open shelves for display purposes. The closet with the chalkboard paint on it is now where we store pantry items. We got shelving from ikea and it works great! 

Kitchen table benches or (similar)

Kitchen red rug or (similar

Rug under kitchen table or (similar

Bowl near kitchen window with succulent in it

Bowl on wood shelves

Pitcher on kitchen table

Glass containers 

Kitchen table  

& sign

Dish towels & more towels