My Love of Hosting

If I could add more love languages, I would. If there could be more than five, I would add hospitality. And for me that would be hosting parties. Which probably already falls into another love language but I think it should be separate.

I LOVE hosting. It is so woven into my DNA. I'm that crazy person who will throw a party for the heck of it even when there really isn't time in my schedule. 

I think I love hospitality so much because I grew up with parties being hosted at my parents house all the time. My moms loves it too. I personally think she threw some of the best parties I've ever attended. 

One small dilemma I run into when hosting parties.. They can be SO expensive! I have a feeling some of you party planners run into this as well?? It's like you want to throw the most beautiful and fun party but how do you do this when on a budget? 

SO here are THREE ways I have learned how to host on a budget..

ONE) Clip greenery from the side of the road / your backyard / neighbors yard ( ;) ).  I really can't take credit for this one because I have learned how to perfect the off roading greenery clipping from my Nonnie. She has always done this and her greenery arrangements are so beautiful. Now, I do buy some flowers from the store but you don't need many! Just some to throw into a vase here and there. I've attached some pictures below so you can visualize this! 



TWO) There is no shame in hosting with food from various different places. I'm just freeing you of having to have a homemade meal prepared for everyone. Ask a few people to bring some side dishes. Get a chick-fil-a nugget tray. Grab a veggie tray from your local grocery store. Chop up some avocados, add in a can of salsa for yummy guacamole. Make an easy cheese platter. It doesn't have to all be made by you for it to be special. I will usually designate a few people to bring some items and then I will fill in the gaps. It's fun to have lots of options and yummy too! 


THREE) Save your decor! I have a box full of past party decor that I always pull out to reuse. For example, you have leftover party straws & napkins? Save them for the next party and throw them in with another pattern. I got gold balloons for the last party I threw and I'm going to save them and get creative on how I can use them again even though they have deflated. You never know what you might be able to use again. Also, keep checking the dollar store or dollar section at Target. They have hidden gems every now & again.


So there you have it party planners! What tricks do you have up your sleeve when it comes to hosting on a budget? Comment below all your fun ideas! 

gold balloons , napkins , straws , cheese platter , lazy susan serving tray ,  white platter , candles ,  wooden bead garland