Proposal Anniversary

It's been 1 year since Michael proposed. Already?! Crazy.

In honor of it being the proposal anniversary I wanted to share some pictures and our video. I'm so thankful we have these moments captured so we can forever remember them! Because let's be honest.. I don't remember hardly anything from that night. I was so happy. I do remember thinking, "this is something I've waited my whole life dreaming about." So surreal. 

We were only engaged for 4 months. I'm all about the short engagements. If it is possible, then why not?!

No one prepared for me for how tough the engagement season would be. For the longest time I questioned if this meant we weren't right for each other because, "this is supposed to be the best season of our lives." Or so we thought. 

I've talked to enough couples to know now that we were not alone. Now that I look back and process why it was so stinkin' hard I've come to a couple conclusions...

  • We kept hearing, "this is going to be the greatest season. You have so much to look forward to". So we put our engagement season on a pedestal and expected exactly what others said. The greatest season of our life. So you can imagine when we would get in little "growth opportunities" (fights) we would conclude that we are alone. 
  • Premarital counseling was SO good but also hard! We were faced with lots of questions we really hadn't thought about or planned for. (Which guess what? thats OKAY!)
  • We felt more committed than just our dating relationship but we had no ability to fully and completely express the depth of our love to each other.. if you know what I mean. Basically marriage without sex. 
  • There were so many emotions that came with planning the wedding. That alone can cause a girl to act crazy.

Combine all of that crazy mess and yes, the engagement season was hard. But I look back now and I'm so thankful it was. We learned so much about each other in those 4 months that really has benefited and strengthened our marriage. Michael didn't fully learn how to love me the way I needed his love until we were engaged. 

I would love to hear your advice with those months leading up to your wedding - comment below :) 

Pictures: Brian Schindler   Video: Joshua Swope