Thank you for stopping by! My name is Hope TerKeurst Houser.
I am newly married (2.13.16) to the most patient and
loving guy, Michael Houser. I call him M for short. 

We live in Charlotte, NC and have no plans of kids in the near future. We get asked that a lot. ;)

I’m drawn towards all things white, quality time, extra avocado
on everything, & adventures that include plane rides.


I’m convinced there is a 6th love language called "house projects."
When Michael and I are both in town on a weekend we almost
always work on something for our #HouseOfHouser. 


Where did you find your furniture and home decor? 

M and I are on a newlywed budget so most of our home decor is from the most random but adventurous places. I like to think outside the box before spending tons of money on something I love. There are some statement pieces I splurged on but overall I keep looking until I find better deals. 


Do I ever help people decorate their homes?

Yes, on a very limited basis I accept clients. For more information on my availability and hourly rate, email me at hope.terkeurst@gmail.com.